Microblading Training  &  Business Building

Dedicated to teaching technique and entrepreneurship 


Online Certification 

A Flexible Approach

By training with The Suite Academy Online, you will have access to the highest quality of instruction at a pace that suits your needs. Our master artist and educator is a physician who knows the depth of skin anatomy and medical aesthetics that should be taken into consideration for each procedure.


Once enrolled, students gain immediate access to our courses.             

Learn Theory

Before learning microblading skills, students are equipped with a foundation in skin anatomy, color theory, and more.

Watch Instruction

Our instructional videos are HD quality so that techniques can be observed clearly.


Students practice assignments after guided instruction to improve their skills and enhance their technique as an artist.

Submit Work

All assignments submitted are critiqued with detailed feedback. This enables every learner to have individualized instruction. 


Once all Chapter and assignments have been successfully completed, Certification if issued and your career is started!

Why Train With US

We have a hands on approach that allows students guided instruction, praticums, and timely feedback to advance their skillset as they progress. Our training program is not a passive one where students watch a few videos and become certified. Our students undergo rigorous exercises and practicums that are submitted and then evaluated by our master artisit. At the completion of all course levels, our students will be competent technicians entering the industry  with sound knowledge and technique.

Hands On Approach

Our students get continued feedback on Hands-On Practicums

You never have to wonder if your technique is good enough. We make sure to give detailed critique in every stage of Certification

Build Your Business

Microblading success doesn’t happen automatically. It take direction, goals setting, and targeted plan.

We teach our students how to stand out among their peers, how to grow clientele, increase social media presence, and make money while they sleep. The Suite Academy is committed to teaching the business secrets that highly successful artists keep to themselves.

” Microblading has changed my life and with these tips business is booming! “

We not only make sure you learn excellent skills as an artist, we ensure that our students are equipped to have a sustained successful business to keep their career afloat..


We desire to give potential students the best possible idea of what our courses entail. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Aren't physical courses better than online courses?

Physical courses are of very little help when it comes to microblading education. The key to becoming a successful artist is time and practice. Online education training is superior due to ease of viewing HD video instruction continually at your own learning pace. Additionally, training is reinforced when you receive timely feedback on your progress.

What's included in the price?

Enrolled students recieve the option for a kit , 6-month access to our training platform, access to live instructors during training, continuous support after completion of the course, recognition as a certified Suite Academy and the opportunity to be featured on our platforms based on quality of work.

Do I need a license?

Most US states don’t require a license to perform microblading. No cosmetology or esthetician license is needed. Microblading is a form of cosmetic body art. In many states, First Aid & Blood-borne Pathogens training is sufficient.  Students should consult with your local health department to be certain of this.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The time to receive certification will vary from person to person and depends on how much time students put into it. It’s possible to complete in as short as 2 to 3 weeks but we give our students a 6-month timeframe to complete the course.

When can I do my first client?

The final practical of the course includes performing a Microblading procedure on your first live model. Feedback will be given from our instructors and Certification will be issued upon a passing score. We will make sure students have all the needed education and techniques to successfully complete their first live procedure.

Will I have help after Certification?

We believe in continued mentorship and guidance to give our students the best chance at success. The Suite Academy offers additional courses in technique and business to enhance your skill set and launch a sustained career.

Training Courses

We offer online Certification courses and additional technique course will be added soon!

Business Courses

These courses are for the new or seasoned artist wanting to Launch and Grow their careers.

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