Nowadays everyone is on the hunt for a job that affords freedom. With the career of Microblading, artists are able to set their own schedules, prices, attire, procedures and the list goes on. There is no limit to the autonomy granted when going in business for yourself. The opportunity for growth and design is sole up to the  decision of the artist.

With the high demand of the microblading procedures, there is plenty of business. There are many cities that still to this day have no one performing the procedures and those markets are completely void of competition. There really is no end in sight, as the demand is on a steady rise. With increased demands, comes steady clientele and constantly increasing revenue.

Microblading is a luxury service set a luxury price yielding a pretty healthy salary. The procedure takes about 2 hours for the average artist, though we teach our artists how to cut this time almost in half in our courses. In that 2 hours the average cost of the procedure is $500 in the US though some areas have costs as high as $1000. So with just 1 client per day, artists can earn over $10k per month and over $150k per year. Have you ever heard of another job that allows that type of revenue while working only 14 hours per week?!

In most states no licensure is required to become a MIcroblading artist. By checking with he health department of you state, it’s fairly simple to find out the qualifications needed to perform Microblading procedures. There is a common misconception that in order to perform Microblading, you must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. This is not true. Microblading is governed similarly to cosmetic body art or tattooing in most US States. Once a Certification Course is completed along with blood borne pathogens and first aid training, you are ready to start your business.

Beyond the great hours and good money, Microblading is a life changing procedure for just about every client. It’s hard to describe the feeling when your client sits up and begins to cry after seeing their newly Microbladed  brows for the first time. Their life has been changed, their esteem has increased, and they will forever be grateful for the beautiful work they have entrusted their artist to complete.

If you are considering this field, I can tell you from personal experience that you won’t regret it. It can seem life  big leap and investment, but i have yet to meet an upcoming artist that isn’t so thankful for choosing this path. We offer convenient and affordable online Certification Training through our learning community/ Not only will students receive all the tools needed to be great artists, we give them the tools to build successfully businesses as well. View our courses HERE!