Hands On Microblading and Ombrè Course 


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Upcoming Course Date:

Coming 2019!

Microblading & Ombrè Course

A Combo Technique

In this course students will learning fundamentals in Microblading and Ombrè Combo brows. Students will complete an online pre-course module where theory, skin anatomy, and fundamental brow practice will begin. During class, the focus of instruction will be applying these principals to real world clients.


Students may reserve their set for the upcoming class with a deposit of $625.              

Learn Theory

Students will gain access to an online Pre-Course Module to learn  foundation in skin anatomy, color theory, and more.


Prior to the first day of class, students will complete practice assignments that teach brow design and strokes patterns on paper.

Microblading Instruction

The 1st day of class will be dedicated to learning the Microblading and Shading technique. Live Model Included.

Ombrè Combo Brows

The 2nd day of instruction will be dedicated to the technique of Ombrè  Brows using the machine.


Upon completion of the In-Person Training Course, Certification will be issued to each student who successfully completes both the online and in-person training!

What Will I Learn?

  • Skin Anatomy​ and How it Relates t​o Microblading & Ombrè Brows
  • Brow Design for All Face Shapes
  • 3D Hairstrokes and Shading Technique Manually and With Machine 
  • Colory Theory as it Relates to Pigment Selection
  • Problem Solving for Previous Procedures (gray, green, purple brows)
  • Healing ​​Process for Different Skin Types
  • Consent and Release Forms and Client Education Tools
  • Common State Permenant Makeup Regulations
  • Microblading and Ombre Combo Brows Certification
  • Starting a Business Plan

” Microblading has changed my life and with these tips business is booming! “

We not only make sure you learn excellent skills as an artist, we ensure that our students are equipped to have a sustained successful business to keep their career afloat..

Business Expectations


With the innovative techniques of semi-permanent cosmetics, there has come tremendous growth and opportunities to professionals in the industry. The ever expanding appearance of treatments like microblading have created a huge demand for these services.
The average price of a microblading is from $400 to $800 for the initial session. It is realistic to perform 2 treatments per day at an average of $500.  That equates to $1,000 a day,  $20,000+ a month, which is over $200,000 a year.
There are no other beauty technicians outside of dermatologists and surgeons that can obtain such revenue potential for their services. A wonderful side effect of a highly trained microblading technician is that  your business grows itself since your client’s are promoting you 24/7 with your amazing work on their face.

Tuition Options


Reserve Your Seat
The tuition fee of the Hands On Course is $2500. This includes a full kit and ombrè machine device.
Reserve your seat  with a nonrefundable deposit of $625. 
$1250 is due 1 month before class and the remaining $625 is due 2 weeks before the class start date.
Pay in FULL
Make your tuition payment of $2500 in full at the time of seat reservation by debit/credit.
May also pay through PayPal Financing (link below).
Reserve your seat  with a nonrefundable deposit of $625.
Then make 3 equal payments of $625, until tuition is paid in full.
Must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before the start of class.


We desire to give potential students the best possible idea of what our courses entail. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Are physical courses better than online courses?

Physical courses and Online courses can be very beneficial. Each student is different and depending on their learning styles, availability, and preference it’s up to the learner to pick the course right for them. In both training modalities, our students receive continued support.

What's included in the In-Person trianing price?

Students who train with the In-Person MIcroblading and Shading course will receive a full Microblading  Kit and Ombrè machine to perform brow procedures. After completion of the course, recognition as a certified Suite Academy and the opportunity to be featured on our platforms is issued based on quality of work.

Do I need a license?

Most US states don’t require a license to perform microblading. No cosmetology or esthetician license is needed. Microblading is a form of cosmetic body art. In many states, First Aid & Blood-borne Pathogens training is sufficient.  Students should consult with your local health department to be certain of this.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The physical In-Person Training Course will be completed over a 2 day weekend. However, we suggest students become life long learners and continue to practice their skills after going on to take clients. 

When can I do my first client?

After completing our In-Person training, students will receive Certification and be ready to take on their first client. We will make sure students have all the needed education and techniques to successfully complete their first live procedure.

Will I have help after Certification?

We believe in continued mentorship and guidance to give our students the best chance at success. The Suite Academy offers additional courses in technique and business to enhance your skill set and launch a sustained career.

Training Courses

We offer online and In-Person Certification courses and additional online technique course will be added soon!

Business Courses

These courses are for the new or seasoned artist wanting to Launch and Grow their careers.
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